About Us

"Our mission is to provide you with the best coupons so that you never have to pay full price."

About Us

In this technology-driven era, the way people find information about offers and coupons has changed. Finding working coupons can be tough, but we make it easier with our simple, user-friendly platform for coupons and cashbacks. Our platform provides detailed information on coupons, including accurate terms and conditions, as well as travel, lounge, movie, and dining benefits, credit card deals, and other user benefits. LittlePixi is your one-stop destination for all your coupon and cashback needs. Join us to make your savings journey easy and hassle-free. Think of us as your personal coupon finder, dedicated to making finding coupons simpler. LittlePixi promises to make the task easier for you, so let us help you save money today!

Meet the Founders

Prashant Agarwal
Prashant Agrawal (Co-founder)

My journey from Bachelor's in Business Management to tech entrepreneurship has given me a keen eye for detail when it comes to the current digital business landscape. With five years of diverse experience as a passionate digital marketer, I specialize in leveraging the B2C environment to drive business growth. I'm also a problem solver at heart who believes in taking action and making things happen through modern technology. For a long time, I've been passionate about availing the benefits of deals and offers associated with credit cards, and I'm proud to have turned that passion into a successful business using technology.

Ravi Agarwal (Co-founder)

As a dedicated coder and engineer by education, I am also an enthusiastic entrepreneur by nature. With over 6 years of experience in technology projects, I enjoy providing digitized solutions to every problem. I thrive on thinking outside the box to drive more businesses and profits. My love and passion for having every credit card in my pocket and enjoying the associated benefits and deals led to the foundation of LittlePixi.

Ravi Agarwal