5 Ways to Get Rewarded for Paying Your Credit Card Bills (and a Bonus!)

We have all heard of perks of using a credit card. While some may rack-up points to buy a BMW, others use it to fly business class on Boeing 787 Dreamliner. And the frugal still buy things they would have bought anyway without having to pay for it.

But what if there were perks to not just using a credit card but even paying the credit card bills? Here are the ways you can get rewards and cashbacks for paying your credit card bills.

5. PhonePe - get a scratch card


Similar to Google Pay, PhonePe recently came up with Rewards in form of scratch cards which you can use to get up to Rs. 1000 cashback on many transactions including credit card bill payment. All credit card bills including American Express and Rupay can be paid using PhonePe.

4. Paytm - get flat cashback




Now Paytm has an exclusive Cashback Section where you can activate offers and get cashback on doing a certain type of transaction multiple times as indicated in the offer. On fulfilling the T&Cs you get cashback to your Paytm Wallet.

Currently, you can activate an offer to get guaranteed cashback on paying your credit card bills. The offers in Paytm’s Cashback section is personalised for each person so do check if you’re eligible for the offer or not. Payment of all credit cards on the Visa network and non-Visa credit cards of Kotak Mahindra Bank or IndusInd Bank can be done through Paytm.

3. Debit card feature - get points


Some debit cards give you points that can be redeemed as a statement credit or redeemed for rewards. For this use your credit card bill payment service and pay using a debit card. Typically, these transactions are classified as utility bill payments and accrue rewards points. You’ll need to confirm though that payment using a debit card is allowed by your credit card issuing bank and Utility is not one of the excluded categories of your debit card.


For e.g. HDFC EasyShop Platinum Debit Card gives 1 CashBack point on every Rs. 100 and each point is worth Re. 1. Some of the other cards that give reward points are SBI debit cards and IDBI debit cards.

2. CRED - the new kid on the block


CRED is a recent app from the maker of Freecharge that rewards you on paying credit card bills. You can get cashbacks (in form of a statement credit), gift vouchers and exclusive discount codes for just using the app to pay the bill.

It even shows you your credit score, check on the credit report and has CRED Protect - a way to get automatic payment reminders and get alerted on hidden charges on all your cards

1. Double Dip - get the maximum benefit

To get the maximum out of paying credit card bills, you can combine two options together. In my case, I used CRED to pay my HDFC credit card bill getting complimentary movie tickets *and* got reward points for using my debit card.

Like all things new, it’s best to have a few days buffer before the due date to try a new payment method. That way you can check how long it takes for the payment to be credited and not end up with late payment instead.

Credit cards are one of the best ways to be rewarded for and even save money on what you spend. This list goes a step further to show how you can get even more.

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