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Categories: Online Pharmacy
Max cashback:₹500
Min spend:₹999
Valid using:MobiKwik Digital Wallet
Get ₹30 Cashback up to ₹500 on minimum spend of ₹999 More Info
  • check_circle Valid for Existing Users
  • check_circle Max cashback ₹500
  • check_circle Min spend ₹999
  • check_circle Cashback will be credited into your MobiKwik wallet within 24 hours. Promo code to be used on Mobikwik payment page
  • check_circle Valid on app, mobile site and desktop website
  • check_circle Valid till 30th April 2024
  • check_circle Can be used 1 time(s)
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    PharmEasy Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: How can I save money when purchasing medicines and healthcare products on PharmEasy?
    A1: To save money on PharmEasy:
       - Check for Discounts and Offers: PharmEasy frequently provides discounts, offers, and combo deals on various medicines and healthcare products. Check their website or app for the latest promotions.
       - Use Promo Codes: Look out for promo codes or discount coupons on PharmEasy, which can be applied during checkout for additional savings.
    Q2: Are there exclusive discounts for first-time users on PharmEasy?
    A2: Yes, PharmEasy often offers special discounts or deals for first-time users. Check their website or app during the signup process for any ongoing promotions.
    Q3: How can I stay informed about ongoing sales and discounts on PharmEasy?
    A3: Stay updated by:
       - Subscribing to Newsletters: Sign up for PharmEasy newsletters to receive information about ongoing discounts, exclusive deals, and early access to sales.
       - Using the PharmEasy App: Download the PharmEasy app to receive notifications about app-specific deals and flash sales.
    Q4: Does PharmEasy have a loyalty program for regular customers?
    A4: PharmEasy may have a loyalty program or membership offering exclusive benefits such as additional discounts, early access to sales, or cashback rewards. Check their website or app for details.
    Q5: Can I use promo codes or discount coupons on PharmEasy for medicines and healthcare products?
    A5: Yes, PharmEasy allows the use of promo codes or discount coupons during the checkout process. Look out for these codes on their website, newsletters, or other promotional channels.
    Q6: Does PharmEasy have a clearance or sale section where prices are significantly reduced?
    A6: PharmEasy often runs clearance sales or promotions on selected medicines and healthcare products. Check their website or app for a dedicated sale section to find items at reduced prices.
    Q7: Can I get cashback or discounts through payment wallets when purchasing from PharmEasy?
    A7: PharmEasy frequently collaborates with payment platforms to provide cashback or additional discounts. Check the payment options during checkout to see if any wallet offers are available.
    Q8: How can I save on shipping costs when ordering from PharmEasy?
    A8: To save on shipping:
       - Look for Free Shipping Offers: PharmEasy occasionally offers free shipping promotions. Check for such offers or consider reaching a minimum order value to qualify for free shipping.
    Q9: Does PharmEasy offer a return policy, and how does it impact savings?
    A9: PharmEasy typically has a return policy. Be aware of the terms and conditions, as some promotions or discounts may be linked to specific conditions regarding returns.
    Q10: Can I find discounted PharmEasy products on third-party websites or marketplaces?
    A10: It's advisable to purchase directly from the official PharmEasy platform to ensure product authenticity and quality. While third-party websites may offer discounts, they may not always provide the same level of service and reliability. 

    About PharmEasy

    PharmEasy is an Indian online pharmacy and healthcare platform. Here are some key points about PharmEasy:
    Online Pharmacy: PharmEasy operates as an online pharmacy, allowing users to order prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications, as well as healthcare and wellness products, through its website and mobile app.
    Medicine Delivery: One of the primary services offered by PharmEasy is the home delivery of medicines. Users can upload their prescriptions, place orders online, and have their medications delivered to their doorstep.
    Wide Range of Products: In addition to prescription drugs, PharmEasy typically offers a variety of healthcare products, including OTC medications, wellness products, personal care items, medical equipment, and more.
    Digital Health Records: PharmEasy may provide users with the option to maintain digital health records on its platform, allowing individuals to store and manage their medical history and prescriptions online.
    Lab Tests and Health Packages: PharmEasy may offer services related to diagnostic lab tests and health check-up packages. Users can book tests online and receive reports electronically.
    Discounts and Offers: PharmEasy often provides discounts, cashback offers, and promotional deals on medicines and healthcare products to attract customers and provide cost-effective solutions.
    Subscription Services: PharmEasy may offer subscription services for the regular delivery of medicines and healthcare products, ensuring that users have a continuous supply of necessary medications.
    Healthcare Consultations: Some online pharmacy platforms, including PharmEasy, may facilitate virtual healthcare consultations, allowing users to connect with healthcare professionals for advice and prescriptions.
    PharmEasy Plus: PharmEasy Plus is a subscription program that offers additional benefits, such as free delivery, extra discounts, and priority access to customer support for subscribed members.
    Mobile App: PharmEasy typically has a mobile application that allows users to browse products, upload prescriptions, place orders, and access various healthcare services using their smartphones. 
    Last updated: 5th April 2024