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Categories: Auto, Bike
Max cashback:₹200
Min spend:₹99
Valid using:PayTM Digital UPI
Get ₹1 Cashback up to ₹200 on minimum spend of ₹99 More Info
  • check_circle Valid for Existing Users
  • check_circle Max cashback ₹200
  • check_circle Min spend ₹99
  • check_circle Cashback will be available in the form of a scratch card to your Paytm account within 72 hours. Avail Cashback through a scratch card on your Paytm app in the Cashback & Offers section within 5 days. Offer valid on PayTM UPI Lite
  • check_circle Valid on app
  • check_circle Valid till 31st July 2024
  • check_circle Can be used 1 time(s)
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    Rapido Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: How can I save money when using Rapido for bike rides?
    A1: To save money on Rapido bike rides:
       - Check for Promo Codes: Rapido often provides promo codes that offer discounts on rides. Keep an eye out for these codes on their app or promotional emails.
       - Utilize Wallet Offers: Rapido collaborates with digital wallets to provide cashback or discounts. Check the payment options during the booking process for wallet offers.
    Q2: Are there exclusive discounts for first-time users on Rapido?
    A2: Yes, Rapido frequently offers special discounts or deals for first-time users. Check their app or website during the signup process for any ongoing promotions.
    Q3: How can I stay informed about ongoing promotions and discounts on Rapido?
    A3: Stay updated by:
       - Enabling Notifications: Allow notifications from the Rapido app to receive real-time updates on discounts, promo codes, and exclusive deals.
       - Following on Social Media: Rapido often announces promotions and flash sales on their social media platforms.
    Q4: Does Rapido have a loyalty program for regular users?
    A4: Rapido may have a loyalty program or membership offering exclusive benefits such as additional discounts, priority booking, or cashback rewards. Check their app or website for details.
    Q5: Can I use multiple discounts or promo codes on a single Rapido ride?
    A5: Generally, Rapido allows the use of one promo code per ride. However, it's advisable to check the terms and conditions for specific promotions, as some may allow stacking of discounts for extra savings.
    Q6: How can I save on peak-hour surcharges or high-demand pricing with Rapido?
    A6: To save during peak hours:
       - Book in Advance: Consider booking your Rapido ride in advance to avoid peak-hour surcharges.
       - Explore Off-Peak Times: Opt for rides during non-peak hours when demand and prices are typically lower.
    Q7: Can I get cashback or discounts through payment wallets when using Rapido?
    A7: Rapido often collaborates with payment platforms to provide cashback or additional discounts. Check the payment options during the ride booking process to see if any wallet offers are available.
    Q8: How can I avoid cancellation fees or additional charges on Rapido?
    A8: While Rapido is transparent about fees, it's essential to review the terms and conditions. Be aware of any cancellation fees, and consider canceling rides well in advance to avoid charges.
    Q9: Can I refer friends to Rapido and earn discounts?
    A9: Yes, Rapido usually has a referral program where you can refer friends and earn discounts or credits on your rides. Check their app for details on the referral program.
    Q10: Can I find special Rapido offers or discounts on third-party websites or marketplaces?
    A10: It's recommended to check the official Rapido app for the most accurate and reliable information on offers. While third-party websites may share information, the official app provides the best and verified deals. 

    About Rapido

    Rapido is an Indian bike taxi service that operates through a mobile app, providing an on-demand two-wheeler transportation solution. Here are some key points about Rapido:
    Bike Taxi Service: Rapido offers bike taxi services, allowing users to book rides on motorcycles through its mobile application. This provides a quick and convenient mode of transportation for short-distance travel within cities.
    Mobile App: Rapido operates through a user-friendly mobile app that is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms. Users can use the app to book rides, track their rides in real-time, and make cashless payments.
    On-Demand Service: Rapido operates on an on-demand model, allowing users to request a bike taxi whenever they need transportation. The app typically connects users with nearby bike riders available for a ride.
    Affordability: Bike taxi services like Rapido are often positioned as a cost-effective transportation option for short distances, providing an alternative to traditional taxis or auto-rickshaws.
    Safety Measures: Rapido usually implements safety measures for both riders and passengers. This may include helmet provisions for passengers, background checks for riders, and other safety protocols.
    Cashless Transactions: The app typically supports cashless transactions, allowing users to pay for their rides using digital payment methods within the app.
    Availability in Urban Areas: Rapido primarily operates in urban areas and metropolitan cities where there is a demand for short-distance transportation solutions.
    Rapido Auto: In addition to bike taxis, Rapido may offer an auto-rickshaw booking service known as "Rapido Auto," providing users with another option for short-distance travel.
    Promotions and Discounts: Rapido often provides promotions, discounts, and referral programs to attract users and increase its customer base. 
    Last updated: 11th July 2024